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At FloLo Holistic, we believe that talk therapy is foundational not only for you to reach mental health, but also to help you transformation as a human. Our clinical practitioners create customized treatment plans that include and support a variety of embodiment tools, such as breathwork, meditation, yoga, holistic bodywork and eastern medicine. These practices help you dive deep and balance your emotional energy and become more in touch with your body and mind. You will also receive nutritional and herbal consultation for mental health.

It is our core belief that holistic care cannot divorce itself from alternate ways of knowing how to care for the body such as Eastern principles; and with this understanding the second brain, the human gut, and ideas like the emotional and spiritual body are not discarded as in traditional Western medicine.

FloLo Holistic practitioners are devoted to increasing our capacity to recognize ancestral ways of knowing and ancient wisdom that lives inside of our bodies and believe in building treatment plans that are creative enough to take mental and physical care to a different level.

About Your Session

Psychotherapy at FloLo Holistic is eclectic and tailored to you. No session will look the same. Your time with your therapist will be centered on learning about and understanding your consciousness and body. The treatment includes Cognitive Behavioral treatment principles, while also incorporating techniques from narrative and play therapy.

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FloLo Holistic best center for holistic psychotherapy in NYC. We believe holistic nutritional therapists help you transform as a human.

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