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Light & Sound Therapy Float

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Zero gravity floatation

Vibroacoustic sound table

Stereoscopic light strobe

Brainwave enhancement

Remain comfortably dry as you float on our state-of-the-art zero-gravity vibroacoustic sound frequency table. Feel the gentle vibrations as they resonate through your body, aligning your energy and calming your mind.

As sound envelops you from below, a scientifically calibrated brain wave strobe bathes your face in mesmerizing light. Inspired by research in neurotherapy, this strobe light therapy targets gamma waves, enhancing attention span, immunity, cognitive function, and mindfulness.

The combination of sound and light frequencies is meticulously programmed to guide you into a profound meditative trance-like state. Explore our selection of Light & Sound Float Sessions to embark on a journey of transformation for your entire being.

Mental Clarity: Clear mental fog, enhancing your focus and clarity.

Stress Relief: Rhythmic vibrations and light frequencies dissolve stress and anxiety.

Enhanced Creativity: Experieince frequencies designed to spark neuroplasticity and neuronal growth.

Improved Sleep: More and deeper REM states.

What is the Frequency Float? The Frequency Float is a unique holistic service created and offered by FloLo Holistic, which combines vibroacoustic therapy, light therapy, and soothing music to create a serene and rejuvenating experience.. A voyage through the realms of your senses, a psychedelic adventure brought to life through the harmony of sound and light.

How does the Frequency Float work? A specially designed floatation sound table emits gentle vibrations synchronized with calming light patterns and music. Decades of scientific research on sound and light therapy show that these frequencies can profoundly alter your mood, focus and relive your muscles of tension and stress.

How long is a Frequency Float session? A typical Frequency Float session lasts for 30 or 60 minutes. You can choose shorter or longer sessions based on your preference and schedule.

Do I need to prepare in any way for my session? No special preparation is needed. Just come in comfortable clothing and be ready to relax and enjoy your session. 

Is the Frequency Float suitable for everyone? The Frequency Float is suitable for anyone from age 21. People of all ages can benefit. ADHD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia are all conditions helped by the Frequency Float. If you have certain medical conditions or are pregnant, it's advisable to consult with your healthcare provider before booking a session.

We have designed a number of different sessions for the Frequency Float, geared towards different effects and benefits that you may be interest in. Before your session, please review the menu and choose the option that you would like to experience. 

Click here to see the entire Frequency Float session menu. 

"The Frequency Float was a surreal experience. It cleared my mental fog and gave me an incredible sense of clarity and calm. Felt like a reset for my mind."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Jesse Fried

Wow, must I say this was an incredible experience I cannot wait to share with my friends and family. There is nothing quite like it.

William Garcia
Arthritis Soother

Dealing with arthritis, the float therapy has been a blessing. It's helped ease my joint pain and improved my mobility significantly.

Kevin Johnson

The Frequency Float was a surreal experience. It cleared my mental fog and gave me an incredible sense of clarity and calm. Felt like a reset for my mind.

Revitalized Health

After sessions at FloLo, I feel revitalized. It's not just relaxation; it's a boost to my overall health.

Relief from Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain has been tough. Frequency Float gave me relief like nothing else. It's a part of my routine now.