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Express Cold Plunge

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Personal cold plunge and lounge

Private shower and bathroom

Temperature regulated water

24/7 sterilizing and sanitizing

Express Cold Plunge is a quick and efficient way to recover and experience the many benefits of cold therapy in a 20 min session that includes a shower but won't interfere with your busy schedule.

Please note: Steam Room is not included in this service.

Reduce Inflammation in joints and muscles, facilitating faster recovery and enhanced mobility.

Relieve Physical Pain: a natural and invigorating alternative to traditional pain management methods.

Boost Circulation, promoting better oxygen and nutrient delivery throughout the body for improved overall health.

Improve Recovery Time  by accelerating the body's healing process post-exercise

Enhance Immunity by increasing the production of white blood cells.

Increase Metabolism, potentially aiding in weight management.

Increase Focus and Clarity with a sharper mind, heightened alertness, and a clearer perspective going forward

Reduce Stress and Anxiety by calming the mind.

Improve Skin and Hair Health by helping tighten pores and reduce swelling and puffiness in the skin and promoting the health of hair.

Improve Sleep Quality by promoting regular sleep patterns and deeper sleep.

What is Cold Water Therapy? It is the practice of immersing part of the human body in cold water for a limited amount of time, typically as part of a recovery routine, often used by athletes for sports therapy. At FloLo Holistic, we recommend 2-10 minutes of immersion.

How should I prepare for Cold Water Therapy? Consult with your doctor before cold plunging (especially if you’re sensitive to cold or have other conditions). Learn some breathing techniques, like Wim Hof breathing, for before, during, and after your sessions. Prepare mentally and physically with a cold shower to help you understand how your body will react to the cold on a smaller level and help you manage your reactions later. Consider your cold tolerance. It’s also okay to start at 30 seconds to 1 minute and work your way up to 2 to 10 minutes.

What is the science behind Cold Water Therapy? The National Library of Medicine (NLM) has done several studies about cold immersion and ice baths in great detail and their findings highlight various scientifically-backed benefits. One study found that athletes who took ice baths after exercise experienced less muscle soreness and were able to train longer following the ice bath. Similarly, two studies from other sources, one in 2016 and one in 2011, discovered that cyclists experienced less soreness after soaking in cold water for 10 minutes. Another NLM study, found that cold water exposure creates an “immunostimulating” effect which basically means it stimulates your immune response. Multiple studies have proven that regular cold showers can boost one’s immune system and lower inflammation and anxiety levels. A Science Direct study showed improvement of depression symptoms after several weeks of hydrotherapy.

“I have plunged everyday for the last two weeks. It has helped with inflammation and soreness after workouts. My sleep is better. I feel incredibly alert, focused and overall in a better mood from plunging.”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Marcus Reynolds
Quick Relief After Long Runs

I started using the Express Cold Plunge after my marathon training sessions. It's amazing how just 20 minutes can ease my muscle pain and reduce swelling. recommend for athletes

Lisa Marie
Sleep like baby

Plunges have drastically improved my sleep. I fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed.

Julia Hartman
Amazing for my Skin and Hair!

Ever since I began regular plunges, my skin's never been better, and my hair has a new shine. Plus, it's super quick and easy to fit into my routine.

Sarah Thompson
Soothing for Chronic Pain

Dealing with chronic back pain, these cold plunges have been a natural and effective way to find relief. Truly grateful.

Emma Clarke
Boosted My Immune System

I feel healthier and more resistant to colds since starting cold plunges. It's a game changer for my overall well-being.

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