Since 2015, FloLo has been a place for healing and transformation. Voted “NYC’s Most Beautiful Yoga Studio”, thousands of students have gathered under the sky in our sunlit atrium to practice yoga, pilates, meditation and more.



All levels are welcome for this powerful vinyasa flow where we tune into self love & self commitment. We focus on alignment and safely opening up the body at your own pace and tune into our breath and into our body with movement.

Open Level Vinyasa Flow

All Levels are welcome! We focus on healthy alignment and safely opening up the body at your own pace. Vinyasa yoga becomes a moving meditation, building strength, freedom, and fluidity in the body and mind through breath-synchronized movement.

Slow Vinyasa

All levels are welcome for this gentle yet powerful vinyasa flow where we tune into self love & self commitment. We focus on alignment and safely opening up the body at your own pace.

Hip Opening Stretch

The focus in this class is on stretching the hip area muscles and joints. Deep stretching not only increases flexibility, but also releases emotional tensions and stress. Constantly adjusting the body to right alignment will correct your overall posture and be in tune with your breath.

Vinyasa and Stretch

A combination of asanas and stretching exercises open to all levels. We will be moving your entire physical body through standing to seated asanas, finishing with a pleasant and full body stretch.

Midweek Restorative Yoga Flow

A relaxing mix of gentle movement, restorative poses, breathwork, and meditation. Release tension with a mix of seated and standing poses, connecting breath to movement, before easing into long-hold restorative poses supported by props for maximum relaxation.

Sunday Yoga & Stretch

Start with sun salutations to warm up, sail into a vinyasa flow to energize and strengthen and end with stretches on the mat to calm down. Includes 10 minutes of meditation at the end of class. All levels welcome.

Bilingual Yoga

(Spanish and English) This class has two instructors, one will be teaching and demonstrating the different postures or asanas and the other will be assisting and guiding students with alignment and adjustments.

Meditation Classes

Reiki & Meditate

Experience an increased sense of peace, reduction of pain, feel recharged. We start with a guided meditation and move into a group Reiki healing session where the practitioner gently lays their hands on participant’s shoulders or ankles.
Participants have the option to sit or lie down in a comfortable position.

EMBODY Meditation

Together we gather for a guided meditation where we ground in, explore and embody our highest qualities within. We can start integrating these qualities to reflect our outer world. This class will purify, amplify and expand all areas in our lives that need tending to. Relaxation, grounding and stress release will be felt. All levels are welcome. Come as you are.


Reclaim your power and remember your true essence. The intention of this guided meditation is to cultivate more confidence and compassion within ourselves so that we can start to experience these feelings more regularly in our everyday lives.


Mat Pilates 

Focused on the fundamentals and designed to be accessible and challenging for all levels. You will engage all of the “Powerhouse” muscles: abdominals, back muscles, glutes, inner thighs, and hamstrings. You will learn to move your body with precision and control; build strength and tone; and stretch and lengthen almost every muscle in your body.

Hula and Dance

Hottie Hoop Fitness

Switch things up from your regular workout and get ready to burn some calories! This is a all levels fitness class that will give you a full body workout while increasing your cardiovascular stamina, boosting your mood and giving you a new sense of rhythm. Ability to waist hoop suggested but not required. Grab a hoop and let's meet on the dance floor!

Intro to Hula Hooping

Discover your inner rhythm, strength and magic! This class is targeted towards beginner hula hoopers and first timers who are curious about a new form of dance. We will go over waist hooping, isolations, and stretches with the hoop that you can use in your everyday life. No experience needed, and hoops will be provided!

Body Temple Dance

Body Temple Dance is a somatic and spiritual movement class that combines yoga with Tantric energy healing. We explore unraveling patterns of fear and shame and awakening to our birthright of worth, boundless love, and the ever-expansive aliveness inherent in every human being.


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