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Prenatal Massage

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Supports the unique needs of mothers-to-be

Expert therapists use a blend of techniques

Tailored to each individual's needs

Modified as needs change

Similar to a traditional massage, Prenatal Massage focuses on relieving muscle tension, enhancing circulation, and reducing fatigue. Our specially trained therapists are skilled in addressing the specific concerns of expectant mothers, ensuring both the mother and her growing baby are well cared for throughout the treatment. They utilize a blend of techniques, including Swedish massage, acupressure, and gentle stretching to create a soothing and rejuvenating experience.

As your pregnancy progresses, our therapists will customize each session to accommodate your changing body and evolving needs. We consider factors such as your stage of pregnancy, level of discomfort, and personal preferences when tailoring your Prenatal Massage experience.

Improve overall health

Reduce stress

Relieve muscle and joint aches and tension

Reduce anxiety

Decrease symptoms of depression 

Improve labor outcomes and newborn health

What Is the difference between regular and prenatal massage? The most significant difference between a pregnancy massage and a regular massage is the position in which you lay. For a Prenatal Massage, you don't lay on your stomach, and while some of the time may be spent on your back, you mostly lay in a semi-reclined or side-lying. position.

Are prenatal massages safe? Prenatal massage is very safe unless you have any of the conditions that follow.

Who should not have a prenatal massage? You should not have a prenatal massage if you are less than 12 weeks pregnant, have a high-risk pregnancy, are experiencing preterm labor, or have preeclampsia.

How often should I have a prenatal massage? It is recommended that your appointments coincide with your doctor visits. This means once a month beginning at 12 weeks until 27 weeks, then twice a month until 36 weeks. After that, it is recommended that you transition to weekly appointments until you give birth. At 39-40 weeks we can begin working labor stimulation into the massage as well.

"My therapist got me through my pregnancy and my delivery went very well."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

so relaxing and calming

baby and mom doing well

this is helping me get through


loved it!

JoAnn W

My therapist got me through my pregnancy and my delivery went very well

Maya Stone

Helpful. Baby is calmer