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Unlimited Monthly Cold Plunge Membership

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Membership Includes each month:

  • Unlimited Express Cold Plunge sessions with private shower.*

  • One FREE Healing Room Session of your choice (a $55 value).
  • Choose your Healing Room session from Sensory Deprivation Water Float (30 min), Zero Gravity Dry Float (30 min), Light and Sound Therapy Float (30 min), Infrared Sauna (60 min), Salt Air Therapy Cave (30 min), and Massage Chair Salt Cave (30 min).

*Express Cold Plunge sessions are 20 minutes. 

Our Express Cold Plunge is a 20 min session that won't interfere with your busy schedule. Membership gets you unlimited access to the private FloLo Cold Plunge and you will also receive a FREE Healing Room Session each month.

You will enjoy your own space to plunge and relax in a water bath with cutting edge cooling tech that keeps the temperature constant at 50°. Also included is a private shower and bathroom in our subterranean bathhouse which is filled with everything you need.

We use cutting edge filtration that provides 24/7 sterilizing and sanitizing producing crystal clear water.

Reduce inflammation: Experience a significant decrease in joint and muscle inflammation, facilitating faster recovery and enhanced mobility.

Physical Pain Relief: Alleviate chronic pain and discomfort; a natural and invigorating alternative to traditional pain management methods.

Boost Circulation: Enhances blood flow, promoting better oxygen and nutrient delivery throughout the body for improved overall health.

Improve Recovery Time: Accelerate your body's healing process post-exercise, reducing downtime and increasing your readiness for the next challenge.

Enhance Immunity: Regular cold water immersion can boost the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells.

Increase Metabolism: Exposure to cold water can increase metabolic rate, potentially aiding in weight management.

Increased Focus and Clarity: Immerse in the cold and emerge with a sharper mind, heightened alertness, and a clearer perspective.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety: Lowers stress levels and calms the mind, helping you to face life's challenges with renewed calmness.

Improved Skin and Hair Health: The cold water can help tighten pores and reduce swelling and puffiness in the skin. It can also add shine and promote the health of hair.

Better sleep quality: Regular cold plunges can lead to improved sleep patterns and deeper sleep.

How many cold plunges can I take? As many as you like during the month of your membership. 

Can I use my free healing room session anytime? You must redeem your free healing room session within each month. Unused healing room sessions do not carry over to the following month.

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