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Explore our selection of Light & Sound Float sessions to embark on a journey of transformation for your entire being.


Integration | 30min

Experience: Guided meditation/hypnosis to process and integrate life experience on an unconscious/subconscious level

Frequencies: Neural reset Gamma, SMR, and Alpha (Matching audio tones in music)

This integration sessions helps you process life events and welcome in more wholeness of experience. Set in a forest where you become a part of the forest itself, this journey starts by priming your brain for change using Gamma as a neural reset frequency. Then, combines various Alpha and SMR frequencies in subtle visual displays to allow you to sink into the meditation. There are certain hypnotic language patterns used in this session to enhance the purpose of the journey so this may well feel like a very deep meditation.

I love you, I’m sorry | 30min

Experience: Emotional healing, forgiveness, Ho’oponopono process, breathwork

Frequencies: 60Hz 40Hz, SMR plus mixed Beta

The Ho’oponopono process:

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian process of reconciliation and forgiveness. The word loosely translates as "to put right". It involves the simple repeated mantra of “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you”. The practice or letting go is more about internal balance than external reconnection. The goal isn’t to gain forgiveness from another person (although this may happen) but rather, the goal is to clear or break the negative ties and energy that keeps old patterns going. And this means both any negative energy you may have toward another and the energy they may have toward you. 

The process can be used while focusing on a specific person or group of people, or as a non specific general pattern of release and healing, or even for inner child work where a younger version of yourself gets the benefit of forgiveness and understanding for times they were unable to express themselves or handle emotion. You don’t need to have any un-forgiveness or conflict in your life with others or internally to benefit from this session.

Breathe with Me | 30min

Experience: Guided breathwork, energy charging, heightened awareness, energized trance

Frequencies: Gamma, Theta, plus mixed Beta 

Embark on a guided breathwork session using drumming as a backdrop and psychedelic imagery at key points that combine with a specific breathing style will take you on a journey like nothing you have had before. Combining light, sound and breath, you'll come out of this session buzzing with an electric vibrancy in your body and mind that will have you wanting to do this every day. The frequencies used mimic those found in hallucinogenic and higher mind experiences and the breathwork has a phases of conscious connected breathing and breath holds.

Experience with breathwork is recommended for this session.

Sudden Insight | 30min

Experience: Idea creation / problem solving / inspiration / ah-ha moments

Frequencies: Theta (7.83Hz), Alpha (10.20-11.20Hz), Gamma (40Hz)

Not only does this session follow the EEG driven research around brain activity during insight and eureka moments of inspiration and solution finding, but the effect is a powerful trip into building a bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind. This mind expanding session is designed to give you a break from the outside world while you drift off into the depths of your own mind and perhaps even the universal mind of all that is. 

Getting Things Done | 30min

Experience: Guided hypnosis for productivity, making progress, action, motivation, self esteem, life balance, gratitude and feeling good.

Frequencies: Variable Theta with matched audio tones

This guided hypnosis session is designed to help you get more done in less time. As parallel goals, it is also designed to help you feel really good about yourself while doing those things, let go of old limiting beliefs and habits, feel gratitude for what you have, and accept where you are while going for more. Productivity without all that is a difficult journey. This session will have an accumulative effect over time and builds on itself while you sleep. Often this results in feeling the effects the next morning. 

Feel & Share Happiness | 30min

Experience: Guided hypnosis for feeling happy, grateful and positive.

Frequencies: Variable Theta, SMR and Gamma with matched audio tones

Why is it called feeling and sharing happiness? Because happiness shared with others becomes JOY. And joy is like happiness except the world knows about it. This session will have an accumulative effect over time and builds on itself while you sleep. Often this results in feeling the effects the next morning.

Gamma Flow | 30min

Experience: Cognitive boost, flow state

Frequencies: 40Hz, 80Hz

Gamma waves have the potential to help with age related mental decline and increased cognitive performance, to increased memory ability and spiritual awakenings. Something unique and exciting happens when you get used to spending time in Gamma brainwave states. This session uses both low and high Gamma waves plus some added visual effects to spark a unique brain state that could just well take you out of this world. Added rhythmic pulsing behind the almost imperceptible Gamma flicker creates a trance like state with increased awareness afterwards.

No More Anxiety | 30min

Experience: Anxiety, tension, fear and stress relief / calm awareness and focus / feelings of wellbeing

Frequencies: 0.1Hz, SMR variable (13-14Hz), [with synchronized isochronic tones]

This session is for people who wish to take back control in reducing anxiety and stress in their lives. This is about training a new set point of being during the day that has both relaxing and action involved. This session is designed to help you retrain yourself into what is called an idling state. This is a state where you are ready to either take action or relax - almost like a tipping point in either direction.

Splash of Joy 2 | 30min

Experience: Mood enhancement, mental clarity

Frequencies: SMR (12-15Hz) and Theta – with matched audio tone

The splash of joy session has become a favorite for many.  Using frequencies shown to help people feel better (and get a better night’s sleep), this session is an ideal boost for positivity, productivity, focus, and attention.

Aphrodisiac | 30min

Experience: Arousal, Kundalini and tantric meditation, mood enhancement, energy work

Frequencies: 33Hz, mixed Alpha and Beta plus matched double isochronic tones (twin carrier waves in both audible and sub audible frequencies), plus a more subtle 432Hz background tone.

A delicious euphoric state. The orgasmic 33Hz used in this session is known in spiritual circles as the pyramid frequency and/or Christ consciousness. The state produced is great for improving your mood, working on kundalini or tantra practices, or doing energy circulation work. 

Silent Night | 30min

Experience: Relaxation / sleep improvement

Frequencies: Theta, Delta and SW (slow wave)

Struggling to get to sleep at night? Relax with this session designed to break the pattern of active thought and promote the brainwaves conducive to getting into the deepest levels of sleep where recovery, growth and rejuvenation occur. Research has shown incredible results in treating insomnia with slow rhythmic waves of light and sound, so Silent night may just lead to your holy night of radiant rest.

Rebirth | 60min

Experience: Mental and physical release/reset, deep relaxation and stress relief

Frequencies: Mixed Beta, <1.0Hz super slow wave Delta, 60Hz

Rebirth is designed to transport you back in the womb for a transformational session. Enjoy the cellular memory that is triggered within your body and mind by these soothing sounds and frequencies. It uses EEG measured brain activity from an unborn baby’s brain with the sounds of a mothers heartbeat heard from the inside. The sounds of this heartbeat are embedded in subtle chanting music. Starting with a slow decent from conscious Alpha brain activity, the end point is deep Delta slow wave frequencies less than 1.0Hz. This is the brain activity of a second and third trimester pregnancy baby, still in its mothers womb. As this state takes hold, 60Hz Gamma is introduced in the background as a type of neural reset. The session finishes with a type of birth into mixed Beta frequencies and visual effects with an associated change in music. 

Active session length is 45min, giving you time at the end to slowly re-enter the world.

Trance / Meditative

Hypnagogic Surfing | 30min

Experience: Transition trance state, hypnagogia effects, deeply relaxing, inspiration and problem solving state

Frequencies: Starting average 8Hz – finishing average 6Hz (6.5Hz isochronic tone in audio)

This is a floating frequency session that slowly descends into a hypnagogic state in waves of subtle visuals. The result is a floating relaxation trance state. The hypnagogic state is a point between sleep and awake where visions and dream like hallucinations occur. This state can be used on purpose to inspire creative idea’s, enter in and out of dream states, and even be a transition into lucid dreaming. The session starts off on the Alpha/Theta border, and slowly drops to a lower Theta frequency associated with deeper trance states.

Ocean Angels | 30min

Experience: Relaxed emotionally charged psychedelic trance

Frequencies: Mixed plus slow wave Epsilon

Bathe in a magic mushroom inspired emotional journey of light and sound with humpback whales and angelic chanting. There is something beautiful and moving about hearing the humpback whale ‘talk’ to each other and the other inhabitants of the oceans. Part song, part joyful appreciation for being alive, the way they echo through the water for many miles is unique and powerful.

This session mixes the song of the humpback whale with slow church choir song.

Active Reset – Beta | 30min

Experience: Mood enhancement, active aroused state of mind, motivation and productivity aided by neural reset

Frequencies: 16.2Hz Beta with high Gamma (and synchronized audio tone)

Active reset combines a soft opening up of the brain to change, with arousing active entrainment. The first 10 minutes of this session use high Gamma frequencies associated with the neural reset state. Meaning that the brain is more ‘plastic’ and malleable. This primes the brain to be more receptive to new patterns. The remainder of the session uses a mid Beta frequency to encourage an aroused state of mind. 

Super Schumann | 30min

Experience: Grounding / integration / memory access and consolidation / high level trance state / general well-being

Frequencies: 7.83Hz, 86.13Hz (light plus isochronic tones)

The Schumann resonances are a set of frequency peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field. They are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the space between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. If we are out of sync with the Earth’s frequency we can begin to exhibit signs of discomfort that can range from anxiety, insomnia, illness and suppressed immunity. The overall effect of this session is one of feeling rejuvenated, peaceful and calm afterwards and is great to help integrate spiritual experiences.

Northern Lights | 30min

Experience: Mild psychedelic/trance state

Frequencies: Mixed, 9.9Hz, 6.3Hz, 42.3Hz

This session set to music is relaxing and mildly stimulating to create a unique state of mind. All values of this session follow the mathematical principal of 3, 6 and 9 (hence the session length even being a division of 9). These numbers are considered both mathematically and spiritually significant. The result is a trance like mild visual journey of repeating color and pattern without being overwhelming and a state of de-stressing and meditation.

The Spirit of Light | 30min

Experience: Connection to higher consciousness, deep relaxation (some visual mild psychedelic components included after relaxation has occurred)

Frequencies: (dominant) 0.22Hz, 42Hz, 222Hz

This session takes you deep into relaxation before then raising your brains operating speed past what is considered normal or easy to achieve. The entrainment stages move and gently pulse in rhythm to both super high and super low frequencies creating separation from the outside world and heightened awareness of internal images, sounds and feelings. Very deep relaxation is likely as well as hypnotic disassociation.

Calm Reset | 30min

Experience: Relaxation and stress/overwhelm relief aided by neural reset 

Frequencies: 8.1Hz Theta/Alpha border with high Gamma (and synchronized audio tone)

Calm reset combines a soft opening up of the brain to change with calming entrainment. The first 10 minutes of this session use high Gamma frequencies associated with the neural reset state; meaning that the brain is more ‘plastic’ and malleable. This primes the brain to be more receptive to new patterns. Use this session as a way to balance a brain that has too much high frequency activity. Examples of this are challenges like overwhelm, stress, anxiety, inability to switch off etc. The resulting state is also useful for hypnagogic effects and spontaneous inspiration.

Alchemy Meditation | 30min

Experience: Morning ‘felt sense’ meditation, wake up body and mind, connect to body sensations

Frequencies: 12Hz SMR

This session is a guided meditation to tap into what is called the ‘felt sense’. This is the ability to fully feel, validate and connect with body sensations. Often these sensations have emotions and information attached to them. And connecting to this sensation helps us to connect to the emotions and information. Practicing this ability leads to authentic emotional processing, tension release and presence. This session can be used any time but is best used in the morning to prepare you for the day ahead. 12 Hz SMR is used for a relaxed but aware state and to regulate emotion and help with sleep later that day.

Conscious Living | 30min

Experience: Emotional balance, focus & attention, elevated mood, improved sleep

Frequencies: 100% SMR (12-15Hz) with 85% at 14.4Hz (Matched audio tone in music)

This session uses solely frequencies in the SMR range. SMR stands for Sensory Motor Rhythm and is considered a fundamental balance frequency. Practice within this frequency range leads to a heightened ability to respond appropriately in changing situations. Almost like heart rate variability (HRV) for the brain. The result is improved concentration, focus, brain clarity, elevated mood, improved sleep patterns, and reduced stress. 

Time to Pause | 30min

Experience: Relax and bathe in light with mild psychedelic effects, mood enhancement, introduction to non ordinary states 

Frequencies: Mixed Alpha, Theta and Gamma.

This session is designed using frequencies that maximize dissociation to give you just enough chill out time to let go of the outside world for 30 minutes and enter a non ordinary state of consciousness while also giving you a boost in brainwaves and some mild psychedelic effects.

Tibetan Monk | 30min

Experience: Deep relaxation and feelings of vibrational energy

Frequencies: 222Hz, 2.2Hz, 0.22Hz

This session combines the very high with the very low and also incorporates a hypnotic technique called fractionation. Starting with a gentle ramp downwards you will pause at key points before arriving at the target of a blend of Epsilon and Lambda frequencies. The result is deeply relaxing and sublime and sometimes leaves you feeling like you are floating outside of your body. 

The Zone - Deep Alpha | 30min

Experience: Relaxed focus, calm, performance visualization, light trance and flow states

Frequencies: Mixed Alpha (8-12Hz) followed by stable 10.20Hz Alpha with matching audio tone.

Alpha is a fundamental brain frequency that acts as a transition between active and passive states of both mind and body. Perfect for visualizing future performance or recoding previous performance, getting ready to be physically or mentally active, and for a restful break from the day without going too deep. 

Yin Yang | 30min

Experience: Balance and integration of opposites, empathy, flow, happiness, memory access and release.

Frequencies: 4.45Hz Theta/Delta border, 13.35Hz SMR low Beta, 40.05Hz Gamma, 120.15Hz Hyper-Gamma.

In Ancient Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang as a philosophical concept describes how opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world. This session alternates back and forward between light and dark, warm and cool, masculine and feminine, and active and passive frequencies. 

This session is great for reducing overthinking caused by either anxiety or depressive feelings. It is also useful for waking up a foggy brain. The frequencies in this session can trigger flow states, trance, creative insight, lucid awareness and out of body states that encourage spiritual and creative insight.

The Lake - Deep Theta | 30min

Experience: Deep relaxation, self programming, de-stressing, whole brain synchronization

Frequencies: 5.25Hz Theta, 57.75Hz Gamma – with matched isochronic tone

“The Lake” is a bright sunny day whenever you need it. This session takes you to the level of Theta most conducive to reprogramming your mind and entering deep hypnosis states. In that state you will be more highly suggestible and able to recode memories. Theta works in combination with the added Gamma frequencies to regulate memory, flow states and significant emotional and spiritual experiences. 

Stellar Gateway | 30 & 60min

Experience: Dissociative (mild psychedelic) / Relaxed body, alert mind state / spontaneous lucid and out of body experiences

Frequencies: Primary - 40Hz light with 40Hz isochronic tone throughout, Secondary - Theta activity enhanced by mixed mild psychedelic frequencies at the beginning.

The main purpose of this session is to promote the internal state that is present during OBE (out of body), Astral travel, and lucid dreaming experiences. This is a very nice and unique type of trance state that will often result in new levels of mental clarity. The effect of this session for most people is one of a relaxed body but alert mind.

Brain Bath | 60min

Experience: Cognitive enhancement and maintenance / Increased cerebral blood flow / neural cleansing and brain immunity stimulation / pain reduction / deep trance state

Frequencies: 40 Hz, 7.83Hz, 2 Hz with 40Hz audio tones

The intention of this session is to relax the brain to flush out toxins, stimulate the brains immunity system and increase blood flow (oxygen/nutrient supply) to the brain. Due to the hybrid of frequencies used this session will also produce a deep trance state and likely leave you feeling creative. 


Third-Eye Awakening | 30min

Experience: Stimulation of altered levels of awareness and relaxation

Frequencies: 1.45Hz, 33Hz + mixed Beta (with matched isochronic tones)

This is a session to take you deep into altered states of consciousness. The frequencies create entrainment between the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal areas of the brain and the effect is one of altered awareness and deep trance states. 

LSD Party | 30min

Experience: Medium strong psychedelic

Frequencies: Mixed

Time for a substance free trip into the land of an LSD dance party. Relax into the light as it builds into a journey of color, fractal geometry and movement. Keep your eyes closed after the session stops for a minute or two and enjoy the after-visuals and trance state for a while.

Ayahuasca Journey | 60min

Experience: Hybrid session -Trance states plus mild to medium psychedelic audio visual journey of self discovery (synchronized to music)

Frequencies: Mixed

Relax into a trip reminiscent of a multi stage inner journey of deep insight and discovery. This session uses a three stage approach using actual measured brain frequencies from people under the influence of psychoactive substances as well as purposeful visual patterns, shamanic drumming and an effect called the Ganzfeld effect. The experience is of this world but out of it.

Active session length is 40mins, leaving time at the start and end of the session for intention setting and slow integration back into the rest of your day.

Roxiva K – Ketamine | 60min

Experience: Strong Ketamine effect psychedelic – Euphoria, creativity, neural reset, brain plasticity, strong relaxant, feeling of substance ‘high’.

Frequencies: Mixed, embedded in light and sound.

A ketamine trip without the K. Using Ketamine specific frequencies and psychedelic visual effects, this session will leave you with feelings of euphoria, creativity, brain plasticity, very deep relaxation, and a floating ‘high’. The feeling after can be a mixture of being very relaxed and euphoric. Users report a sense of wellbeing and an opportunity to be at a new choice point afterwards. Ketamine has been called by some psychedelic therapists as chemical mindfulness. And mindfulness by definition is “present moment awareness without judgement”… approach this session with that mindset and see where it takes you.

The active session length is 43mins, with time at the end of your session to slowly integrate back from the experience.

Gone in 60 Seconds | 30min

Experience: Medium/strong psychedelic combined with Gamma entrainment, heightened states of awareness, spontaneous exotic dream states, trance, enhanced cognition.

Frequencies: 40Hz Gamma (with constant 40Hz audio tone) alternating with mixed Alpha and Beta.

This is a unique session in that it alternates between psychedelic imagery and stable Gamma entrainment. The idea being that the combination creates an opportunity to enter a unique altered state where the benefits of Gamma mix with the mind altering effect of psychedelic light. The result is access to exotic states where spontaneous dreaming occurs, and non-ordinary states of consciousness, and cognitive benefits. Because of this sudden drop into psychedelic effects every 60 seconds, the session may be intense for some users. 

Nikola Tesla | 30min

Experience: Genius/flow state/mental balance

Frequencies: Blend of Delta, Theta, Alpha/SMR, Beta and Gamma (music track has 639Hz background tone also)

“If you want to understand the universe, you need to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” - Nikola Tesla

This session aims to create a unique new state where all bands of brainwave activity have been stimulated very close to each other in a way that combines in expansive awareness. Inspired by Nikola Tesla's fascination, this session has almost all numerical numbers of frequency, duty, intensity and time as multiples of 9. The music track attached to this session contains a background tone of 639Hz. Known as the love tone this sound frequency is one of the solfeggio tones that is reported to harmonize relationships and feelings of wellbeing. 

Added also are points of psychedelic effects similar to a DMT experience. Psychedelic experiences bring with them often profound realizations and eureka moments of creativity. 

Dark Matter | 30min

Experience: Medium/strong psychedelic experience

Frequencies: Mixed

Fancy a midnight trip? Dark matter is a journey through both light and darkness. This session uses carefully timed pauses in the psychedelic light experience to take advantage of how the cells in our eye’s work. In music, it’s the space between the notes that creates the song. In this session, it’s the space between the light that creates this particular unique light and sound journey.

Calm Before the Storm | 60min

Experience: Hybrid – relaxation and medium psychedelic

Frequencies: 7.83Hz plus mixed

Your visit to the beach just got interesting.

Welcome to a unique experience of light and sound that turns your relaxing day in the sun on the beach into an adventure exploring different dimensions of color, shape and movement. This session is a hybrid of relaxation and psychedelic effects. The first half is predominantly the Schumann resonance to relax you, ground you, and connect you with the Earths pulse in much the same way as lying on the beach would. The second half is quite a trip. 

Khufu-The King's Trance | 30min

Experience: Vision quest, trance, collective unconscious connection, mood enhancement, rejuvenation. 

Frequencies: Variable Theta, Variable Gamma including 40.05Hz and 33.03Hz with matched isochronic audio tones.

This session is more than the sum of its parts. Every frequency, duty, intensity and time within the session is a mathematical multiple of the number 9. The number 9 is considered spiritually and energetically as significant and important and represents the universe and all that is. Behind the light experience are embedded Isochronic tones. For the first third of the session these are perfectly matched to the slow rhythmic variable Theta frequencies with a background of Gamma to enhance the trance effect. Included in this Theta is the Earths own pulse, the Schumann resonance. Then it gets interesting. Using a mix of light and tone frequencies the left hemisphere (analytical, judgmental, stress inducing) of the brain is reduced in dominance and the right hemisphere (wholistic, empathy, connection) of the brain gets increased in dominance. But it’s more than that. A third frequency is created. And that third frequency is 33Hz, the pyramid frequency! And this pyramid frequency then matches the background light to enhance both. Like with the other Khufu session, the carrier wave of the tone is 108Hz which is also considered a significant number spiritually and gives a deep rhythmic pulse creating its own shift in consciousness. Truth, forgiveness, wholeness and the universe are all attributed to the number 108 by almost every religion including Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. The music is mixed from multiple sources and in parts incorporates blending of holographic effects into each ear differently. Combined, all this makes for a trance state that is in between worlds. Not too deep (although you may still go deep), but rather that in between conscious and unconscious state where waking dreams take place. A twilight zone of images and messages from the past.

Khufu-Egyptian Pharaoh | 30min

Experience: Psychedelic trance, mood enhancement, ancestral/unconscious connection

Frequencies: Mixed plus isochronic audio tones

It is believed by some that king Khufu of Egypt used his large granite sarcophagus not so much as a coffin for his afterlife but as a resonant chamber for help with a type of astral projection to visit the Gods and ancestors and gain wisdom. As such the shape and size of the sarcophagus is believed to react to a 40Hz frequency and amplify it. Behind the psychedelic light colors and patterns is an embedded Isochronic tone of 40Hz. The carrier wave of the tone is 108Hz which is also considered a significant number spiritually and gives a deep rhythmic pulse creating it’s own shift in consciousness. Truth, forgiveness, wholeness and the universe are all attributed to the number 108 by almost every religion including Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. The music is mixed from multiple sources and in parts incorporates blending of holographic effects into each ear differently. Combined, all this makes for a profound experience and a journey that goes beyond the psychedelic effects.

Conscious Living | 30min

Experience: Medium psychedelic with 45% SMR

Frequencies: Mixed Beta and Alpha with 45% SMR (12-15Hz) and a 14.4Hz matched audio tone in the music.

Welcome to 30 minutes of getting back into your flow state through a psychedelic collaboration of music and sound. Lay back and let flow.

Underworld | 60min

Experience: Mild psychedelic / deep trance journey into the depths of your mind

Frequencies: Mixed Alpha/Beta, 40Hz Gamma, slow wave epsilon

Welcome to the Underworld. Your chance to relax into the shadow side of your mind. Where subtle visions and a purpose made soundscape combine to give you the opportunity to face the dark recesses of your mind from a place of calm and relaxation. You may check out or drift into sleep during stages of this session especially if your mind needs to rest or process experience. The session is purposely designed to have very subtle parts to it visually. Images or internal dialogue that pop into your mind may be things you have not experienced before or immediately be able to make sense of. And you may experience the effects of lucid awareness or out of body sensations. 

The result of this session is a deep state of rejuvenation and unique thoughts.