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Couples Bathhouse Combo: Float, Plunge, Steam, Salt

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Package for two people includes:

  • Couples Sensory Deprivation Wet Float (60 min)
  • Couples Cold Plunge Steam Room (60 min)
  • Couples Salt Air Therapy Cave (30 min)


Enjoy a unique float spa day for you and a friend. The package includes 2 1/2+ hours of pure bliss. Partake in the Couples Sensory Deprivation Wet Float, Couples Cold Plunge Steam Room, and Couples Salt Air Therapy Cave. 

These services combined together in no specified order will leave you and a friend feeling amazing. We have designed this package to help you clear your mind, undo all the tension in your body and leave you both feeling completely rebooted.

    Reduce Inflammation and Relieve Physical Pain

    Boost Circulation and Enhance Immunity 

    Increase Metabolism and Improve Post-Exercise Recovery Time 

    Increase Focus and Clarity and Reduce Stress and Anxiety 

    Improve Skin and Hair Health

    Improve Sleep Quality 

    Enhance Lung Function and Provide Allergy Relief

    Reduce Stress and Anxiety 

    How should we prepare for Cold Water Therapy? Consult with your doctor before cold plunging (especially if you’re sensitive to cold or have other conditions). Learn some breathing techniques, like Wim Hof breathing, for before, during, and after your session. Prepare mentally and physically with a cold shower to help you understand how your body will react to the cold on a smaller level and help you manage your reactions later. Consider your cold tolerance. 

    How should we prepare for the Sensory Deprivation Water Float? Give yourself time beforehand to get into a relaxed headspace. Try not to shave right before arriving, as salt can irritate freshly shaved skin. If you wear contacts, remove them before getting into float tank. Avoid caffeine beforehand.

    What happens during a Sensory Deprivation Water Float? After a cleansing shower, you step into the float pool and instantly float. Within 10 minutes, lose all sense of space and time, relax, and be free of any stress. At the end, shower again to wash off the salt water.

    Can I float if I am pregnant? Yes! In fact, the float tank is a wonderful haven for pregnant women with lower back pain, digestion issues or difficulty sleeping. We do, however, recommend that pregnant women avoid floating during the first trimester.

    Who should avoid floating? Anyone with Infectious skin, respiratory disorders, open wounds or recent tattoos. Anyone suffering from incontinence, uncontrolled epilepsy, serious mental conditions, a high-risk pregnancy, colored or permed hair within 7 days, under the influence of any drug or alcohol, currently menstruating, or under the age of 14 without a parent present.

    "We loved the combo! Floating helped us relax mentally, and the steam session cleared our lungs."

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Christine Yang
    Good for sleep

    we slept like babies

    Ultimate relaxation

    Floating away stress and then the steam therapy worked wonders on my skin.

    Anna Lee
    Helped our skin

    As a couple with skin issues, this was a godsend. The steam opened our pores, and floating brought peace.

    Emily C
    Deep breathing D

    We loved the combo! Floating helped us relax mentally, and the steam session cleared our lungs.

    Sarah Sinclair
    Detox and de-stress

    The combo is our favorite

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