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Empwrd Sol: Abby & Taylor Scarpello

Prior to the loss of a beloved family member, Taylor Scarpello had built two successful businesses in which she loved, however, realized as an entrepreneur was missing out on the beauty life has to offer. It was not until she experienced the loss of her Grandmother that she was not living her authentic truth nor fulfilling her life’s purpose. She began to turn inward, filling her days with Yoga, Meditation, Theta Healing and attending sound baths to overcome grief. Through her grieving journey, she then became a Theta Healer, Yoga Instructor, certified Sound Healer, and Integrated Energy Therapist. By incorporating these powerful healing modalities into her daily life, she has fully embodied her Divine Essence and cannot wait to help you embody yours!

After experiencing a loss of a loved one during her senior year at Fordham University, Abby Scarpello was unsure of where to turn to in order to heal. At first, it felt healing from this loss was impossible, especially during an important time in her schooling career. Abby decided to attend a sound bath and this was the beginning of her healing journey. The sound bath changed her world and finally allowed her to heal on a deeper level than ever imagined. Being able to slowly open her heart again has allowed her to see the world and herself differently in a positive light. Abby realized that healing is truly possible, which led her to becoming a certified Sound Healer and Integrated Energy Therapist. She is also working towards obtaining her certifications as a Yoga Instructor, a Breathwork Practitioner, and an Ayurvedic Nutritionist. Abby has found and continues to live out her Divine Essence and cannot wait to help you embody yours as well!

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