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Naiyi Huang

Naiyi started her yoga practice in 2009, initially to relieve back pain and stress.  In 2014, she took the teacher training at Yogashakti in Queens, NY to deepen her practice, but instead was inspired to become a yoga teacher by Swami Mokshapriya to empower others to find their truest selves and their peace in the world through yoga and meditation.   

Now she teaches yoga and meditation at different studios in Queens, New York, including the Tzuchi Buddhist Charity Organization in Flushing, where she teaches in Mandarin.  She teaches Hatha yoga, a traditional style of yoga focusing on posture and breathing techniques to help channel energy and balance body and mind.

Naiyi was certified as a registered yoga teacher for 500 hours (RYT500) in 2016. In 2020, she was certified as a Meditation and Mindfulness teacher and also trained as a Trauma-Informed yoga teacher, kids yoga foundation, and Reiki level 2.  Naiyi was an IT Project Manager for over 20 years, focusing on healthcare and supply chains.  Today, Naiyi collaborates with wellness partners to facilitate mindfulness sessions and workshops to promote physical and mental health in the workplace and various organizations.   


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