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Hit Up One of these Relaxing Spots in NYC When it All Gets Too Overwhelming

Between the honking taxi horns, overcrowded subway trains and sky-high rent prices, New York City isn’t exactly known as a relaxing place to live. It’s no wonder that at least 56 percent of us feel anxious.

But keeping up with your fast-talking, coffee-guzzling ways isn’t going to help any New Yorker relax. When your frazzled nerves need a break, hole up in one of these nine calming spots in the city. A few moments of solitude might be just what the doctor ordered.


FloLo Holistic
Sliding into the sensory deprivation tanks at this posh spa is an almost otherworldly experience. After a quick shower, you’ll enter the private float room to the sounds of light ambient music. Once you get into the tank of warm salt water, though, the music gives way to complete silence and utter darkness for nearly an hour.

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