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These are the Best Spas to Visit for Vacation if You Hate Sightseeing

You’ve lurked your friends’ #travelgram vacays all summer, but with only slight envy. While BFF Cheryl has hiked the Great Wall of China and co-worker Alicia is snapping selfies having tea at Versailles, you’re only a little envious because while you’re dying for a bomb-ass vacation, waiting in long lines and dealing with annoying crowds ain’t really your vibe. You’d feel bad admitting this, but you’re not a fan of the whole tourist thing. What you are into, though, is spa days.

The idea of having an entire day to yourself where you do nothing but soak in a tub, get a massage, or meditate in a steam room sounds like more of a true vacation than toasting champagne in front of the Eiffel Tower. Some of us treasure a true escape from real life, and that means literally. doing. nothing.

Luckily there are plenty of beautiful spas that cater to every single one of our self-care fantasies.

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Even if you’re not doing any hardcore sightseeing, a trip to NYC can be exhausting. Why not put your travel stresses on hold and unwind at a spa where you can get anything from a facial to floatation therapy? Floatation therapy is believed to help with a number of maladies including stress, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia. FloLo is located right near Times Square, so if your boo insists on venturing to Guy Fieri’s restaurant, you can say “See ya!” and have some pretty sweet *me* time while getting your float on.


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