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Couples Sensory Deprivation Water Float

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Zero gravity floatation in a warm salt bath for two

Complete sensory deprivation

24/7 sterilizing and sanitizing

Private shower

Dive into this deeply intimate and meditative experience. The Couple's Float is a revolutionary new way to heal and connect.

Once floating in our oceanic Float Pool, all your thoughts relax and your muscles begin to melt and unwind. This private suite is equipped with private shower and everything you need.

Take your date to the next level with our Couples Bathhouse Combo: Float, Plunge, Steam, Salt. Enjoy your own private bathhouse with wet float, cold plunge, steam room, and salt air therapy. 

Deep Relaxation: Clear mental fog, enhancing your focus and clarity.

Stress Relief: Floating in zero gravity dissolves stress and anxiety.

Enhanced Creativity: Sensory deprivation increases neuroplasticity and neuronal growth.

Improved Sleep: The water contains 1500 lbs of Epsom salt giving you a potent magnesium infusion.

Physical Pain Relief: Zero gravity gives your muscles the ability to heal.

Reduced Anxiety and Depression Symptoms: Scientific studies show floating can alleviating mental health challenges.

Increased Focus: Explore your mind and organize your thoughts.

Meditation Enhancement: Deepen your practice. Find your peace in silence.

How does floating help my brain? Like laughing, it induces the release of endorphins, leading to feelings of euphoria, modulation of appetite, release of sex hormones, and enhancement of the immune response.

How often should I float? For chronic pain, two times a week can make a significant difference; foror anxiety, stress or insomnia, floating once a week is recommended. After floating, you will likely have the best sleep of your week!

What happens during a sensory deprivation water float session? After a cleansing shower, you step into the float pool and instantly float. Within 10 minutes, lose all sense of space and time, relax, and be free of any stress. At the end, shower again to wash off the salt water.
How should I prepare? Give yourself time beforehand to get into a relaxed headspace. Try not to shave right before arriving, as salt can irritate freshly shaved skin. If you wear contacts, remove them before getting into float tank. Avoid caffeine beforehand.

Do I need a bathing suit? Most people float without any clothing. Our subterranean float rooms are totally private!

Can I float if I am pregnant? Yes! In fact, the float tank is a wonderful haven for pregnant women with lower back pain, digestion issues or difficulty sleeping. We do, however, recommend that pregnant women avoid floating during the first trimester.

Who should avoid floating? Anyone with Infectious skin, respiratory disorders, open wounds or recent tattoos. Anyone suffering from incontinence, uncontrolled epilepsy, serious mental conditions, a high-risk pregnancy, colored or permed hair within 7 days, under the influence of any drug or alcohol, currently menstruating, or under the age of 14 without a parent present.

"Our couples pool float was definitely a unique experience. Floating together in silence and darkness, we felt a sense of closeness and calm. It was a great way to unwind and bond, without distractions."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Loved my experience with my partner , we had a Amazing time. Plus we got to meet the owner which was a such a Special treat ! Definitely will be back for sure.

So cool

Took my boyfriend and did the couple's float and then each had a massage. Such a perfect day.

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