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I Got a Facial Every Week for a Month – Here's My Before and After

In high school, my favorite place to hang out was my esthetician's office. As bourgeois as it sounds, it was the one place other than my house where I felt loved and cared for. The estheticians at Southlake Clinical Aesthetics in Southlake, Texas, would shower me with compliments and let me tell them about my crush of the month — all while perfecting my skin. Because of my weekly facials, breakouts were manageable. Since graduating from high school, I've only gotten one facial... and became a beauty editor.

At 25, I've had more breakouts than I did at 15. My cheeks are constantly little zit-filled war zones. Last year, my dermatologist determined it wasn't hormonal after I got my blood tested. Alas, I stuck to topical treatments and saw measly results. Our digital deputy editor, Sam Escobar, suggested I return to my high school routine and get one facial every week for a month. This may not be the most economically savvy route to clear skin, but I went for it. After a month, my skin had dramatically improved. Not only am I more confident than ever about the state of my skin, but I've also renewed my love for skin care.


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