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Samina Aslam

Samina (500 Hour RYT) is a Brooklyn-based yoga teacher and professional opera singer. She trained at Atmananda Yoga NYC, and is also a certified Heather Lyle Vocal Yoga Method Instructor. She has also received a certification in Restorative Yoga, and has taken Yin, Pranayama, and Anatomy trainings and courses. Born in Anchorage, Alaska, Samina has lived in eight different cities across the United States. She began her yoga journey began her yoga journey over 15 years ago, out of curiosity. She developed a more regular and intentional practice about 10 years ago, and began to notice how yoga improved her general well-being. She noticed how a more consistent practice helped to manage performance anxiety, and to better understand her body and breath support. While she stayed for these benefits, she also learned that yoga helps her connect to her deepest self. At an even more personal level, Samina’s yoga practice led her to understand and further appreciate her South Asian roots. She teaches yoga to share these discoveries, to connect with others, and to help others connect deeper within themselves.  

Samina is a graduate of Louisiana State University (BM), University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (MM), and the Boston University Opera Institute (PC). She has performed in concerts and opera throughout the United States and Europe. Using tools from her education and experience, Samina’s classes have a focus on healthy alignment, breath, and mindfulness, to create a safe and enjoyable practice. She believes yoga is for everyone, and encourages students to exercise their own sense of personal agency. Samina leads her classes with a resonant, soothing, and colorful voice. 

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