Gold Membership

Gold Membership

Sale price$499.00

Become a FloLo Gold member and experience all of our healing rooms, floatation treatments PLUS our practitioner services.

Seven treatments and UNLIMITED yoga every month.

The Gold Membership includes:

• Practitioner Services: One 60 min session per month. Choose from one of our many Massage, Acupuncture, Cupping or Reiki sessions.

• Floatation Therapy: Three 60 min sessions per month. Choose from Sensory deprivation wet floats, Dry Floats, Sound Floats or Virtual Reality Floats.

• Healing Rooms:  Three 60 min sessions per month. Choose from Infrared Sauna, Salt Caves, Steam Cold Plunge Room

• Yoga and Meditation: Unlimited Access to all of our weekly classes.

• 10% off any additional Practitioner, Floatation or Healing Room services.

• 15% off community workshops & experiences

A $700 value for just $499/month!