Body Temple Dance
Body Temple Dance

Body Temple Dance

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Host: Kiana Rosesara


Emotional. Ecstatic. Embodied.

Body Temple Dance is a prayer in motion.

It is an invitation into embracing and embodying what is alive right here inside the temple of our bodies and the deep wisdom and emotions that are ready to be heard, felt, and moved with and through.

Body Temple Dance is a somatic and spiritual movement language and practice that has emerged through the alchemical combination of Tantric energy healing and yoga modalities with trauma-informed somatic education to support people in unraveling patterns of fear and shame and awaken to your birthright of worth, boundless love, and the ever-expansive aliveness inherent in every human being.

In this guided movement journey we will unwind + unravel, shake + embrace, and rest + surrender.

*Open to all humans - dancers and non-dancers, your inner child, your doubts, longing, bliss, unworthiness… all parts of you are welcome in this space, so come exactly as you are.

NOTE: FloLo Holistic's operating hours are closed on Mondays, but only open for weekly Body Temple Dance classes.

About Kiana Rosesara

Kiana Rosesara is a woman of devotion and a lover of aliveness. She’s a sensualist, a mystic, a Priestess of the Rose, a wild daughter of the Earth who lives life as a ceremony, prayer, poem, and dance. The essence of her work serves as an invitation into deeper intimacy with life. A remembrance of our wholeness and radiance by connecting to and embodying the sacred power and wisdom inside the temple of our bodies and the holiness of our human hearts. Kiana’s foundations are rooted in Indian mystical traditions, Bhakti yoga, Tantric philosophies of Kashmir Shaivism, and a deep reverence for the wisdom of the Earth. She is an initiate of the Rose Lineage Mystery School, a trained sexual educator specializing in the body of work by Deborah Sundahl, and also holds certifications in Living Waters Intuitive Soul Healing, Reiki, and Body Temple Dance. Find out more about @kianarosesara on IG.