Mei Leung

Reiki Practitioner, Sound Waves


Mei is a certified Reiki Master and Sound bowl practitioner assisting people and pets alike. Mei discovered this healing modality when she began to search for alternative means to help improve her mother’s health that didn’t require another prescription. Utilizing Reiki and Sound bowl therapy, along with exercise and supportive medicine, Mei observed the improvements in her mother’s mental and physical health. Mei received her Reiki Master certification from the NY Open Center and has been sharing Reiki and Sound waves for the last 7 years. When not doing holistic sessions, Mei puts her considerable experience consulting with Fashion Designers in the NYC Fashion industry to develop and produce their collections. She also makes it part of her mission to volunteer her time and Reiki + Sound skills to organizations that understand the healing power of Reiki for people impacted by cancer.Get ready to tear down the blockages that create obstacles in your mind and spirit. Start your Reiki + Sound waves journey today!

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