IV Therapy

Our innovative new IV Drip therapy program features a comprehensive mix of signature drip formulas designed to address specific health needs. These 30-45 minute drips are administered in our HaloTherapy Salt Cave which cleans your lungs and skin while you wait.

Whether you are looking to improve brain function, boost immunity or recover from injury, there is a HaloDrip for you!


$169 | 1 session

A powerful way to protect your brain from cognitive decline. Combining folic acid, vitamin B12, L-taurine and alpha-lipoic acid, Brainstorm boosts brain function and improves memory.

Inner Beauty

$169 | 1 session

The Inner Beauty HaloDrip is formulated to provide your body with the nourishing essential minerals it needs to look its absolute best.


$169 | 1 session

A great first-timer drip, The Quench provides benefits that can be felt almost instantly. It works by quenching your cells’ thirst, reducing inflammation, and improving circulation.


$169 | 1 session

The Immunity HaloDrip treatment provide your body with a special blend of hydration, vitamins, and antioxidants that will keep your immune system functioning at its best.


$169 | 1 session

Boost performance and fuel your muscles with amino acids, and our special vitamin complex designed for function and build, making this drip especially popular with athletes.

Get Up & Go

$169 | 1 session

The Get Up And Go drip is formulated to kickstart your metabolism by helping you burn fat, improving performance, and making you feel more energized.

Myers Cocktail

$249 | 1 session

The Meyers Cocktail is an excellent therapy used to treat multiple conditions. Combat fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraines, upper respiratory infections, sinusitis, allergies, and much more.

Mix & Match Drips

$549 | 3 sessions

Choose 3 drips from our wellness menu, meant to boost your health and wellness, leaving you feeling refreshed and glowing from within. Please note the Meyers Cocktail is not included in this special.

The FloLo Salt Cave Drip - A unique wellness activation exclusively at FloLo Holistic

Nutritional IV Drip therapy at FloLo Holistic is unlike anywhere. We have designed an elevated drip experience by taking the treatment out of the doctors office.

Our experienced team of drip nurses administer your nutritional IV Drip while you relax in our HaloTherapy Salt cave. You feel relaxed and refreshed by the purified salt air. The salt air in our salt cave helps increase circulation and purify your entire respiratory system – all while your body absorbs the deeply therapeutic vitamins and minerals from our customized drip options.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Athletes
  • Dieters
  • Preventetive health buffs.
  • Workaholics.
  • Partiers.
  • Skin care enthusiasts.
  • Drink lots of water before. 
  • Eat a protein-packed meal or snack. 
  • Bring a book or meditate during your session.
  • Wear something comfortable.
If you retain fluids, have kidney problems, or suffer from certain health conditions, you should not engage in IV Nutrient Drip Infusions.
We always recommend that you check with your primary care physician if you’re unsure. However, anyone with a healthy history can safely obtain its benefits.
Negative reactions are slim to none, since this procedure is proven to be advantageous and safe. Everyone is monitored and if some discomfort begins, we will simply monitor you over time and stop if necessary.
Most people respond favorably to the therapy, feeling energized and alert from the beginning.We always recommend that you check with your primary care physician if you’re unsure. However, anyone with a healthy history can safely obtain its benefits.
Not quite. Even though all IV drips are administered using the same procedure the quantities and nutrients on each one are different, since they look to achieve specific goals (skin lightening, muscle recovery, mental focus, etc.).
Yes, none of our drips contain any animal products.

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