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Holistic healing rooted in Eastern Medicine and backed by science.
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“I feel super energized after my session. Joel was very knowledgeable. I feel very inspired to take my nutrition and self care to the next level.”
-Sephora R.


Price : First-time: $150
Price : Follow-Up: $110

Acupuncture is part of a 2000 year old scientific healing technique that restores balance to the body. An all-natural and holistic treatment option, Chinese Medicine effectively treats hundreds of conditions, including pain, stress, digestion, and hormonal balance.


Price : $80

Create a wave of circulation that melts and repairs your muscles and joints. Cupping is a traditional, non-invasive treatment that enhances energy flow and unblocks pathways that often trigger inflammatory responses within the body.


Price : $150

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that targets stagnant energy in the body and works to release the blocks so that the energy can flow freely. Energy blocks can be caused by a myriad of factors, including physical injuries and emotional trauma. In many ways, reiki is similar to acupuncture, but rather than using needles, reiki practitioners use their hands to redirect energy.

Thai Massage

Price : $160

One of our most popular massage options, Thai massage encompasses acupressure and yoga ­inspired stretching. You will be taken to our sky lit atrium for a session that is both healing and meditative. Techniques include walking on the back with compressing, circulating and cracking.

“My practitioner was the most wonderful, and I will continue to go back to her regularly. I left feeling energized, calm, and radiant. Highly recommend!”
– Nikki H.

Acupuncture in our Salt Cave

FloLo Holistic

Cupping at FloLo Holistic

Thai Massage in our Atrium

Crystal Reiki in our Salt Cave

Eastern Medicine at FloLo Holistic

I had a wonderful visit at FloLo. The staff was welcoming, the space was cozy and inviting and the practitioners are caring and well versed in their craft. I will definitely be returning for follow up visits and highly recommend giving FloLo a try if you’re looking for some self care, relaxation or healing.

- Elena P.


I have had crippling problems in my right shoulder for years that my practitioner expertly identified and helped eradicate. The severity of my injury will require multiple sessions, but even after just one I felt so much lasting relief. She was caring, funny, thorough, and explained every step of the process with brevity and clarity.

- Emma G.S.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When your acupuncturist inserts a needle, it is common to feel a light pinch or dull, achy sensation. It should not be painful. Some people are more sensitive than others, however, and we can adjust our techniques accordingly to ensure maximum comfort.

Yes, you can combine acupuncture with any other type of health care or exercise at any time.

Acupuncture is a safe and effective way to alleviate many discomforts associated with pregnancy.

Trauma, diet, and stress can all impact a person’s qi balance. By stimulating acupuncture points, the flow of qi can be changed, blockages dissolved, and optimal health restored.

Typically, cupping therapy is not painful, although everyone experiences this technique differently. In terms of pressure, cupping is comparable to a deep tissue massage, which gets into the deeper layers of muscle tissue.

In areas of tissue dysfunction, cupping sometimes leaves a mark known as “sha.” Sha resembles a bruise but is not painful. Sha is an indication that toxins and stagnation are being pulled to the surface of the body, restoring healthy blood flow and qi to the muscle.

Any discolorations that appear are temporary. Depending on severity, sha marks can last between a few hours and ten days. Most people see the cupping marks disappear after 3-4 days.

As Reiki is gentle and noninvasive, it is very safe for everyone. Reiki is especially helpful for recovering from surgery, managing stress, or coping with the loss of a loved one.