Brooke Saffire

Meditation Instructor


Brooke Saffire is a certified Meditation Teacher who completed her 200-Hour Teacher Training at Three Jewels NYC. Brooke has devoted herself to tending to her spiritual practice. She has a passion for sharing her wisdom & learnings to support the unfoldings of others. She encourages her students to embrace themselves exactly as they are and reminds those of the power that is always accessible within. By sharing the ancient teachings and tools of Meditation, she guides her students through sacred journeys of exploring the inner depths of their minds so they can meet their fullest potential. She believes that anyone with a mind can experience the powerful effects of Meditation. Her classes are heart-centered, intentional and ceremonial. In addition to teaching, Brooke is also completing a 40-Hour Advanced Meditation Teacher Training and studying a 10-Week ACI Course on the Buddhist Path at Three Jewels NYC. She enjoys the magic of music, nature and surrounding herself around those that she holds dearly to her heart.

Brooke Saffire HeadShot