Cassandra Biron, LSCW

Cassandra Biron, LSCW

Clinical Director

Cassandra Biron (she/they) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a focus on integrative mental health, culinary medicine, and mind-body psychotherapy. Cassandra’s work is rooted in healing justice and she has worked with 2SLGBTQIA+ communities for over a decade and believes in the creation of joy is a radical political act AND integral for meaningful mental health treatment.  

Additionally, Cassandra has pursued self-study and formal education in psychedelic research and clinical applications of psychedelics as a tool for radical transformation and insight in our humanness.  

With over 100 hours of formal training and experience in leading psychedelic teams, she is an avid learner who is eager to share knowledge on nutrition for mental health, she gained certification in nutritional and integrative medicine for mental health studying wisdom from indigenous integrative health clinics in Mexico under Dr. Leslie Korn. Incorporating knowledge of our second brain– the gut– is key to the work Cassandra does with her patients.   

With experience in multiple clinics from a pediatric clinic in sub-Saharan Africa to an integrative health clinic in Queens NY, Cassandra is excited to bring her experience and passion as the Clinical Director at FloLo Holistic. Cassandra believes each treatment plan must include proprioception and embodiment tools. Embodiment is key to authenticity, and this is only possible with a nervous system that feels safe both internally and externally. Sharing the tools of the breath, digestion, and talk therapy equals unique treatment that weaves physical and spiritual care into mental health care.  

She is also a Death Doula and co-leads death literacy workshops all over NYC and at FloLo with her company, Your Morbid Friends. She believes in the Right to Try and continues to use her platform to serve as an advocate with the Decriminalize Nature NY branch and their work to decriminalize drug use and contribute to reparations for communities impacted by the drug war. Cassandra is passionate about bringing mindfulness, embodiment, and the polyvagal theory as the north star within the Psychedelic Program at FloLo Holistic.  

Licensure New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker-090028