Carla Feldschuh, LCAT

Carla Feldschuh, LCAT


Carla Feldschuh is a psychotherapist with a background in modern dance. She is a licensed, board-certified dance/movement therapist with more than twenty years of experience in the field of mental health.

She has worked with adults in a variety of settings, including inpatient psychiatric units, outpatient clinics, and independent psychotherapy settings. She also teaches in the field and is currently on faculty in the Creative Arts Therapy Department of the Pratt Institute.

Carla understands that all clients can benefit from mindfully connecting to their bodies during the therapy process. A session with Carla combines talk therapy with creativity and the use of the body to cultivate insight. You will learn how mindful and intentional movements work together to help you discover emotions, thereby building a deeper awareness of the mind-body connection, also known as proprioception.

Carla describes her techniques as ‘moving beyond words’ and is passionate about helping clients listen to their bodies through an expanded awareness of the mind-body connection. Dance and movement are tools that contribute to the talking relationship, help foster discovery and insight, and ultimately create a unique body-felt experience. The sessions with Carla are, simply put, journeys beyond words and back again.