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Adriane Najma Wiltse

From humble beginnings in rural America, Adriane Najma earned an engineering degree where they learned to view the world, both systematically as well as from a process and detail oriented view point.

After seven years of engineering experience, Adriane longed to connect to something more meaningful and serendipitously found themselves training under world renown fine jeweler, Ernesto Moreno. This training led to them reconnecting with their passion for creativity and the energetic pull of the natural world through gemstones.

While serving clients through the energetic connection of gemstones and self-expression, Adriane began to study and connect with other alchemical modalities of flower essences and body-felt sense practices such as focusing. Adriane has a keen ability to understand and view the interconnectedness of one’s journey with kindness and compassion.

One blessing of the pandemic was the acceleration of Adriane’s spiritual journey. They dedicated themselves to walking the Sufi path and becoming a certified spiritual healing practitioner and teacher of the Shadilliyya Sufi Order.
Adriane was given the name Najma, meaning star or light from a distant star, by one of their teacher’s and guides, Dr Ibrahim Jaffe. The name is both part of their destiny and a reflection of one of the qualities of their soul. This name is also a reflection of Adriane Najma’s mission and passion of shining a light for others to know their inner beauty and see it reflected in the world around them.

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