Fire & Ice

The Steam Plunge Suite at a Flolo Holistic Wellness Center is your own private bathhouse.


This month we opened our steam room, a forgotten early 20th-century Russian chamber that we brought back to life, maintaining its integrity, and highlighting its history. This six-person steam room features two showers, its own bathroom, and a cutting-edge cold plunge pool.


You can enjoy a steam or a cold plunge, but going between the two is actually a harmonious technique, one that’s been popular for physical and mental health in Nordic cultures for centuries.


It might sound jarring, but that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be: a shock to your body. Moving from the hot steam room to the 50-degree cold plunge activates the blood vessels and causes them to constrict rapidly, thus increasing your heart rate, according to FloLo Holistic founder Joel Granik.


Getting your heart rate up improves blood flow to the body and is integral to staying healthy, a fixture of typical exercise. Triggering blood flow supports your immune system, rejuvenates the skin, and sends more oxygen to your muscles, reducing soreness.


It’s the perfect treatment for soreness recovery: The steam room alone has been known to decrease muscle aches and soreness, while the cold plunge aids the joints. That’s also why it’s ideal for people with inflammatory diseases. When you cool your body, you stop the inflammatory process — your body gets into action to recover. In other words, healing itself.


The hot-to-cold maneuver also has a way of stimulating lymphatic circulation. It helps the body eliminate waste, leading to a “flushing” process that detoxifies the body.


Plus, it feels euphoric — it gives you this energy and vitality that will also boost your athletic performance significantly. The shift from the steam heat to the cold plunge sends a sudden rush of adrenaline and endorphins through your body. Your mind snaps into focus, and your body fully activates. Your mood is lighter, any pain has been eased, and you’re in for a better night’s sleep.


In the Steam Plunge room, you’re welcome to move between the heat and the cold as many times as you’d like in the hour-long session. It’s recommended to start with a 20-minute sauna session, followed by a cold dip in the pool. Most experts recommend a momentary plunge, but some folks can work up to staying for minutes and minutes. Repeat as many times as you like, and before you know it, it will be time to head to the showers, soaking in your last moments of rejuvenation.


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