Why we need to float, Now more than ever.

Deep Tissue Massage

For more than sixty years, sensory deprivation float tanks have been used around the world for pain, anxiety, boosting creativity and mood and many other therapeutic benefits. Today more than ever, we need to float.

Floating in a sensory deprivation room can be a powerful experience, for many of us it is the only time that we can experience total quiet, both in our ears and in our mind. When we float in zero-gravity a number of interesting things happen. Our body relaxes totally. The tightness in our muscles softens. The constant stream of thoughts starts to slow and then stop. Completely.

The trauma of our post-Covid world is felt by all of us. Sometimes we are consumed by a feeling of hopelessness as we hear the news each day. In addition to economic, political and environmental challenges, rates of mental disorders have also risen dramatically. As a society, we feel panic.

Sensory deprivation floatation is a simple treatment that can help with feelings of anxiety, stress, depression, dissociation and more. All you do is lie back on the surface of the water; your body floats effortlessly. At the same time, your stress systems turn off. Your relaxation systems turn on. This releases a variety of chemicals in your body that all relax your nervous system, bring down blood pressure, help your mind calm down and deepen your sleep. It even helps with digestion, as we all know how stress makes creates all types of digestive problems.

At FloLo Holistic, located in midtown Manhattan, our luxury, subterranean float rooms will bring you into a deep state of relaxation unlike you have every experienced. One hour of floating may be all you need to help you tackle the challenges you face every day. Learn more and book your float at FloLoHolistic.com.